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Could you use a calendar for Date Issued (Variety Info tab)

or better (fewer clicks)
Might you support various date formats, via coded transformations of stored data perhaps.
I understand that this is an American product with [mm]/[dd]/[yyyy] format - or I think it does : I can't tell if dates have been internationalised for say Britons using [dd]/[mm]/[yyyy] formatting.  
As I collect from various foreign suppliers, I use the International Standard (ISO) format [yyyy][mm][dd]

Date Bought and Date Sold kindly supply a calendar - an added click, but it helps
Could you use a calendar for Date Issued (Variety Info tab)

(if not also Variety Info's Created and Last Modified data.

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Could you change the Date example on the Variety Info window as well to something that will help those outside the USA?  Something like 01/23/2021.
01/10/2021 could be either 1 October or January 10.  01/23/2021 can only be January 23.

I am an American who works internationally.  European dates pop into my brain before American dates.
I work building digital libraries.  ISO dates pop up even before European dates.
I am forever perplexed by dates in SM.  Please take pity.

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