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Updating common details when adding multiple coins


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I often add multiple coins at one time, such as when returning from a coin show or LCS. I typically select multiple coins to add and then go to the Additional Info tab to enter the date I purchased them and who I purchased them from as well as possibly some other details. When I save the coins, the additional details only show in the grid for the first coin I added. However, if I open the properties for one of the other coins, then go to the Additional Info tab I see the details. If I click OK to close the properties window, the details show up, so they seem to be getting saved initially into a "holding area" but not into where they need to go to show in the main display. I've tried exiting the app and coming back in after adding coins just to make sure it wasn't some sort of screen refresh issue, but it's the same - the details are sitting there if I open the Additional Info tab, but don't refresh into the main display unless I do that.

I have an Excel workbook I use to track some other things related to my coin collection, and for easy reference I created a view in the Coin Manage database that I then pull into Excel via a read only DB connection. The additional details are also missing there. However, if I follow the same procedure in Coin Manage of opening the Additional Info tab and then clicking OK, then I refresh the data source in Excel, they show up - so it seems as if the details get stored in 2 places within the Coin Manage DB and only get populated into one of them if you load the Additional Info tab on the coin properties window for each coin.

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