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Report Stamp.CatalogNumber sort


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I am using 'Other' for Facit numbers and in my reports I am wanting to sort by Stamp.CatalogNumber.  When I order by Stamp.CatalogNumber, all the numbers with a 1 as the leading digit come before 2.  The first stamp listed is Facit 1, then Facit 10, then Facit 1002, and after all 1-leading stamps are listed, Facit 2 is next.  When ordering by Stamp.ScottNumber, ordering is numerical.  I do notice that if I add leading zeros, the Facit numbers are in order.  Is there a way to get Stamp.CatalogNumber to order like Stamp.ScottNumber orders?





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NO. You are trying to sort on a 'Text' field (Scott#).

SM stores the Scott Number in two formats within the Access Database. The first format it stores the Full Scott Number as a 'Text' field (this is the field you are trying to Sort on). The second format within the Access Database it stores the Full Scott Number as 3 fields (Prefix, Number & Suffix). It is Number that is a Numeric Field and will sort the way you want.

I am uncertain whether the 2nd format can be viewed within the Report you are generating.

Hope this helps.

Regards colin@colinpattrick.com


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