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American Innovation Silver Proof


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American Innovation program began 2018.  I have been attempting to add each of the Reverse Proof coins from 2018 to date but keep encountering in the database that there are entries for Silver Proof and not Reverse Proof coins.  There are a few Reverse Proof coin entries but then they stop and there are choices for Silver Proof and no Reverse Proof for them.  And I am having trouble finding a vast majority of 2020-issued coins of all sorts (Basketball (every type) Women's Suffrage. 

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Thanks -- talking about the American Innovations, all since 2018, all Reverse Proof.  There are only a few of them that are in the database, and then all the others say Silver Proof (and I' don't think there are any Silver Proof coins as it is a golden-color coins only, proof and reverse proof).  As for the Basket Ball Hall of Fame, not all the varieties of them are in the database including colorized.  The Women's Suffrage S$1 I found, but doesn't have the UNC.  Thanks.


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Paul -- these are the ones I see that are in question (in regards to Reverse Proof and not Silver) -- 2020 S

2020-S Maryland - Silver Proof

2020-S Massachusetts - Silver Proof

2020-S South Carolina - Silver Proof

Is 2020-S Connecticut there?


All of those coins (and all American Innovation coins) were produced in "Proof" and "Reverse Proof" flavors, but not "Silver"

And then from 2018 to Date they are all not there in the database.

Also, I see a previous post re 2021 software release in January 2021 -- is that available?



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