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HomeManage Preferences - Columns - Seleced list gets reset

Guest Jack

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Where is the selected list of columns under "Show the following:" saved?  In the database?  Registry?  In a file on C:?  My selection get reset for some reason and setting it up again is a pain.  I would like to save a copy of my selection to make it easier to get put back.

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I actually looked in the Access database, registry, and in files under the program install folder, but found nothing. 

However, on a hunch, I checked under my Windows login 'documents' folder and found HomeManage\Headers.WCD.  It is in binary format (not ASCII-readable) per se, but if you open it with a text edit, you can make out what looks like the column preference definitions.  Rats.  But why it exists there, I cannot fathom.

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