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Stamp Manage 2021 -- Windows Server 2019

Guest DJackey

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Guest DJackey

I've used Stamp Manage for United States stamps for about two years now.  I used version 2020 installed on a Windows 2019 server and have been using it in "compatibility mode" for Windows 8 without any issues.  

I recently purchased and upgraded to the 2021 version for US stamps and went through the normal upgrade process and the software indicated it had installed correctly.  However, now when I click on the .exe file for the 2021 version it acts like it is going to start but never does.......not even the main startup image shows.  It simply does not open.

I've checked to make sure I am still using it in WIndows 8 compatibility mode (which it is) but have had zero luck.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks, Damon

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Guest DJackey

I finally got the 2021 version working.  I did an uninstall of the 2021 version.  Downloaded the install file again from the purchase site.  This time I started the 2020 version and checked for any updates which there was one available (I did that in the past and it said there were none).  

After installing the update to the 2020 version I then installed the 2021 version and it started and worked as expected.  

There must have been something causing the 2020 version to not update even when there was one available and without that update it would not allow the 2021 version to install and operate correctly.  

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