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Duplicate Collection


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I recently updated to StampManage2021 (from 2007) it imported my collection.  I have been making some updates on and off, but I just noticed that I have 2 collections both named exactly the same: "Chris' Collections" (one has 2621 items and the other has 2542)

Not sure where the 2nd one came from or which one is the one I have been updating.  Is there a way to compare the differences between two collections?  or a way to merge them (skipping duplicates)?


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Guest Colin Pattrick

cjvain. You do inded have two collections, but they have different names. The first one named  Chris collection  has NO Apostrophe whilst the second one has an Apostrophe between Chris and Collection.

The collection with 2621 items looks like the one you have been doing additions to.

Hope this helps




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The problem is, I am not sure when the 2nd one showed up, so I may have been updating the other one as well.  I know I had changed some information in addition to adding some stamps.

Is there a way to export the list of Scott numbers and locations to a text file or spreadsheet, so I could do a comparison?  I was thinking the report feature, but it seems to produce pdfs.

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Guest from colin


The database uses its own id number for each Scott numbered stamp within the database. It is in fact a Microsoft Access Database and Stamp Manage(SM) have developed it further. The id numbers run concurrently (you will find missing id numbers e.g. deletions). The stamps that you have added to the program will all have higher id numbers. Also the SM program adds the date that you added a new stamp record. If you can export this to a txt/spreadsheet it makes comparisons easy.

This info is held in a Data Program File Table called varieties.

email direct if you still have a problem




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