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Multiple databases

Guest Denny

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Guest Denny

Is there any way to create multiple databases

As of now I just create new locations and rooms 

and I would like to separated each on in a separate report 


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When you use the RESTORE command 


from the main menu you are replacing the current database in use with the one contained in the backup file chosen. So that would be a way to use multiple databases.  


to save the current database, the RESTORE to retrieve it later on.

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Multiple databases in HomeManage;

On my machine, HomeManage files were installed to C:\Users\MajorAssett\Documents\HomeManage.
The following subdirectories contain the files;

I wanted to use HomeManage with standard files and also with files in a separate directory for my CamperVan.

My solution was to create a subdirectory C:\Users\MajorAssett\Documents\HomeManage\CamperVan and, of course, the subdirectories of
Then, I copied the standard contents of AssetImages, Backup, Data into the relevent directory under CamperVan (I didn't copy all reports as I only wanted my own specific reports under CamperVan in a subdirectory).

Now it is a simple matter to use HomeManage->Tools->Preferences to change Database, Images, Backup (& Reports if required) to point to the required subdirectories.

Nothing spectacular but it is a pain to change the preferences each time I want to swap between Standard and CamperVan, my solution was to use .vbs scripts to change the preferences in the registry before starting HomeManage ... It's a bit technical but I can provide details if required/allowed.


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