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Question: What is the Correct way to add "Coin Books" and Other Collections???


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Instead of entering single coins, would you please explain how to add coin books and other collections that clearly one doesn't want to separate, for example:

  • Whitman Publishing Morgan Dollars 1878-1886 
  • Whitman Publishing Morgan Dollars 1887-1896
  • DANSCO US Type Set 
  • DANSCO American Silver Eagles 
  • Capital Plastics, US Anthony Dollar Set (12 Coins)(1979-1981)
  • Two coin Novelty of 2005 Jefferson Nickel

I assume each would be a "new" collection called by the book title, then enter each coin in that collection.  Would they be part of the base "my collection" or go above the base "my collection"?  

Thanks in advance.


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Guest Tony

I guess they aren't going to address this.  I'm in the same position and really would like to be able to enter an entire book without doing each individual coin.

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Here's how to find that area and make it reveal itself.  In the Search area type in, for example, Dansco.  Give it a minute to reveal itself.  It will show up as Country United States, Denomination is "Numismatic Books".  Under Numismatic Books you may find exactly what you're looking for and/or use that area as a template to create your own variety.  Hope this helps.  Good Luck!

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Alright so coin catalogs are not pre-entered and will have to be added though the editor.  We might be able to create the new catagory then use the copy/move function to put coins in it if like me you've already entered each coin manually.  Am I missing something here?

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