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Stamps of China


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Hi, yes I am looking through these stamps and I'm not seeing missing numbers.  The latest update was a couple weeks ago for StampManage Deluxe 2021.  Is that the version you have?

16 hours ago, cliff said:

Yes they are still there.  Under the 'Add Stamp' dialog, select China (1878-), then select 'general issues'.  The 1921 to 1949 stamps should be there.





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I did another full reset on my laptop and this time I deleted the registry keys. When I rebooted all countries showed up. Then I loaded my original data backup and China (1878-1949 & ROC Taiwan (1878-) disappeared. So it must be my collection. Any way to fix this?

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I solved my problem.

First, I have been writing/hacking software since 1975 and I realized the StampManage database is Microsoft Access and since I have over 10,000 stamps cataloged I put on my BlackHat and got to work.

When I reset everything on my laptop, I saved the new STAMPDATA.MDB file.  I then edited the STAMPDATA.MDB file on my desktop with Microsoft Access, deleted the countries table and imported the countries table from the STAMPDATA.MDB I created on my laptop and everything works great.

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