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Lost Data in "Varieties" Column


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I have been entering the word "SCAN" in the Varieties column to let me know that I have scanned my actual stamp.  This morning when I opened SM USA 2021, most, but not all, of the stamps that I made this entry to no longer had the word SCAN.  I backed up the data last night, so I restored that backup, but the word SCAN is still missing.  The default data in the Varieties column is still there.

Is there a way to fix this?  If not, is there a way to tell if I have scanned a stamp into the database?  I know I can look for the StampManageID in the StampImages folder, but that is very time consuming when I'm trying to fix over 5000 stamp entries.

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If I double-click in the Varieties column for the stamp I'm entering/editing, I can change/add text in that field.  It's not a drop-down or text entry box.  The only problem with that is it changes the Varieties data for all entries of that stamp, like a coil single and a coil pair of the same stamp.

But I'm changing my Evil Ways and using the Comments section in the Additional Info tab, as suggested by Al G.

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