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Probems with early Japanese Prefecture Issues


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I'm having problems adding some of the early Japanese Prefecture issues to my collection. (Scott Nos. z1 - z50 approximately.) I've tried every which way to find them in the database, but nothing I try given the search offerings in the software gives me results. I've tried searching my Country/Date, Country/Denomination and every kind of search I can try and it gives me nothing. The thing is that I've opened up the database using Access and they are listed in the database, no search makes them appear. And if I try to add them to the database, the screen comes up where I'm supposed to select the variety, but there is nothing to select!

Has anyone else come across this problem?


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Guest Prefecture Japan


They are not listed under "General Issue" stamps for Japan. (nor are Semi-Postals, Air Mails, Military Stamps, prefecture, etc)

All stamps for Japan share the same Country ID (which is 43)

All "General Issue" stamps have the TypeID of 20740

All "Semi-Postal" stamps have the TypeID of 21646

All "Airmails" stamps have TypeID of 21843

All "Military Stamps" have TypeID of 58766

All "Prefecture General Issue Stamps" have TypeID of 24223

All "Prefecture Semi-Postal stamps" have a TypeID of 24225

Think you are selecting (Japan, General Issue) and trying to add/find.

Go to (Japan,Prefecture) and you should find the stamps

Wishing you Hope for the future

Regards colin@colinpattrick.com


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