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Hello.  This is my first post here in Liberty Street Software.

I'm using the trial version of StampManage2021.  So far it's ok; it could probably be better in many ways.  I'm thinking about actually buying, but I am having an issue trying to figure out how to print labels with a frame around each label.  My intent is to then to cutout all the labels from the sheet along the frame lines.  The label designer is a third party software so maybe I won't get any kind of response to the question I have which is:  how do I get StampManage2021 to print the labels with the frame?  I have an option in the label designer itself to print with frames, but that's just to show the different data fields on the labels with no useful information of the actual stamp data itself.  I've tried searching for this capability throughout the third party software help menu with no useful results.  I've tried searching through the forums and blogs with no result.  I'm rather surprised no one else seems to have this question.  Maybe there just aren't that many people using the software or maybe collectors use a different method of identifying the stamps in their albums.  I have always used hand printed labels, but that looks rather sloppy.  I'm trying to get a more professional looking appearance and I think clean printed labels can help with that.

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Hi, to change what each label looks like you can edit the label template using the report designer.  So you basically just want to have a label with a frame around it?

which data do you need to show in each label?

We can create a YouTube video on how to do this once you reply with your requirements.

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Thanks for the quick reply!  (That's a plus)

I still can't seem to find how to print a frame around each label in the report designer.

This is the format of my label (the fields in red I typed in an image editor because Stamp Manager didn't show anything for some reason):


So what I'm trying to do is get a frame to print around the .5"x1" outline of each label.  I print this out on a plain 8.5"x11" sheet of ordinary paper.  And then from there I cut out strips of labels out on a home office trimmer.  Finally I can trim off each label individually from the strips.

I can achieve printing the outline within the label editor when I select File > test print > test print with frame.  But that just prints out a full sheet of labels with the field names, no stamp information.  It also prints out the frame really faint, which is what I want because I can't always achieve an exact cut on the office trimmer.  I'm trying to use the outline frame to act as a guide for cutting the labels out, not as a visible aesthetic.


I've also encountered another problem.  When the "paper" field on my label is empty in my stamp properties Stamp Manage will grab the information in the "description" field and put that in the paper field instead.  I tried just putting a space into the paper field, but that didn't have any effect.  If there's something already there that's supposed to be there like wove or porous it will print that.  But if the field is supposed to be empty, Stamp Manage will take whatever is in the description properties and populate the paper field with it.

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