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Sorting seems to be broken and is very slow


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I'm evaluating StampManage for purchase, was excited at first but now disappointed by the bad sorting performance in tables.  For example, in the StampManage Catalog, Database by Year of Issue, 1931.  Sorting by Country (or any column) is 20 seconds or more on my modern, powerful Windows machine.  There may be several thousand entries in this table, but sorting many thousands of strings should go very quickly these days, almost instantly (I'm a software developer, do this for a living).  Furthermore, sorting by Country produces non-sorted, non-alphabetical results, and I believe this is true for many other columns.

I don't want to get sucked into the EZ Stamp expensive, walled garden.  StampManage has a lot of pluses.  But sorting is a very common operation and as it stands I don't think I can buy this product because of all the time I'll waste waiting for sorts to complete, and then completed incorrectly.

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