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New Report Cost by Location / Room as Illustrated in the YouTube for 2022

Guest JohnR

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Hoping to an improvement.....

Let me start by saying I have a "Main Residence" with various rooms under this main residence in my HomeManage......

I was looking at the "cost by location / room" that you illustrated on your new YouTube concerning the new 2022 version of homemanage. 
This is a very misleading way, and does not reflect a true figure, to show this value.

It appears that you are showing and adding up the value reflected in the "total cost" field of the records. The sum of these values are shown as the bottom line of the "total cost. .....Not taking into consideration the quantity of an item.

You are not taking into account that if there is a quantity greater than "1" in the "Quantity" field .

In order to correctly reflect the "Cost by location / room I suggest that you must.....take into account that "quantity" reflected for those items.

I would make the following suggestions to truly reflect the correct values in this report:

A. That the "Total Cost" figure be multiplied by the figure reflected in the "Quantity" field. This would reflect the true total cost of that item. It could be called "Item Total Cost''. 

You could then add up all these "Item Total Cost" (qty x Total cost) values and show them in the "Room Totals"

This would be correctly reflected in the report that you illustrate if you then (as you currently show the "Room Total") had the report take this "Item Total Cost'' add them all up and this would reflect the "Main Residence SubTotal"

I only have one location and that is the "Main Residence".

This would reflect a "True" line item cost and not a cost per item  (EACH)

B.  Call these fields whatever you want but there should be a "Item Total Cost" per item ("Quantity (5) x Total Cost ($2.00")) = "Item Total Cost".

These aggregate figures as reflected in Paragraph B. above should be reflected in the i.e. "PATIO Room Total", "Bedroom Room Total", "Kitchen Room Total".

Adding these room totals, for the rooms you are looking at, would be added up and show the Main Residence SubTotal".

Then these "Item Total Costs" (qty x Value) should add up to the "Room Total".  Adding up the room totals you are looking at would be reflected in the "Main Residence Subtotal Cost" in this report.

C. It is misleading not to take these factors (Qty x Cost) into consideration when showing the bottom line of the report.

This is required if you are to show a true cost (or if you like "Value" per room.

If you have any questions or if I am not making myself clear please contact me. I sure would like for you to update this report in the next update / bug fix to this program...

Please advise and let me know if this is doable.

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