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2021 October Update - Missing Many


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Waited for 2021 update and disappointed many of the 2020 and 2021 Silver Eagle types and varieties are not included - especially the common coins available today.  No Types of Varieties added to the database to give a collector something to grab onto to inventory coins To Date. 

Problem is -- maybe my own -- is, when you attempt to inventory and/or make the decision to actually do it - and the next Update comes out everything gets wonkers for any type of guideline.  And you would think, all that information was given out well in advance, and you'd think numismatic collection softwares would be right on it - well in advance and in anticipation the public needs for such software inventory needs in many ways, especially with all the options.

Okay, you made the Status thing, last season whatever-- but you haven't made a "temporary addition that needs to be updated when CM/LS adds to database", and a "original product name and number/item number" that helps - guides - drills - hones" in the item being databased.  Seems like something is missing, that  --

If I can help, I'd enjoy the task!  

Let's make this software to have Super, Ultra beef, etc., stati!


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