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Importing Information from Amazon and Other Vendors


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  I read with interest the new Home Manage (HM) function where line items can be added by simply scanning the UPC from a package. That's a great capability and I'm pretty sure I'll use it.

  However, I'd like to suggest a new capability-- batch import into HM using a specific Amazon number, perhaps invoice/PO#, or whatever, to populate the HM files.

  I usually populate the HM database from Amazon as a batch, quarterly, by downloading Amazon's order report to Excel, then, sorting out the fields that I don't need and adding the dozen or so that I do need for each line and suck it into HM using a *.csf file. In a subsequent separate process, I add photographs by cut/paste. This process is long and tedious and I'd rather spend time doing something else. If I could download the order report from Amazon, then strip everything but the invoice number and upload the file to HM, I'd be happy. Better yet, just cause my amazon data to download directly into HM.

  This proposal to import data into HM, a unique amazon number and then have the software do the new lookup would save me much time and thus is attractive as an added capability for Home Manage. Who knows? it may also be possible with other vendors. IDK. Thanks for reading.

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