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2022 Deluxe Bug Report in Add Stamp Form

Guest dazzy

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Guest dazzy

I recently started entering my stamps from an album into the database.  It works fine when it is done one at a time, finishing each entry with the  ok/save button, then selecting the add stamp button to add another.  The problem with doing it this way is it takes a bit more time.  When you have 30,000 or so stamps to enter that small amount of time really adds up. When one presses the apply button instead, which is supposed to bring up a new form making it work a bit quicker when making multiple entries, it does bring up a new form.  However, in that new form the quantity of stamps is set to some huge number (12345676896 if memory serves) instead of a default of 1.  Which pretty much negates any time savings as one must clear that value every time.

Despite the bug, the program is perfectly usable as long as the quantity is corrected.  I just wanted to report this so that it could be addressed in future updates.

Since, I have never used an older version, I have no way of knowing if this bug is new in the 2022 deluxe version or is present in others.

As I  on my phone atm, I am unable to post screen images.  So hopefully my explanation is adequate.


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I have not seen the large quantity number issue in the Add screen in the 2022 version, 

As for adding large quantities,  I assume you know if you are adding a lot of stamps with similar characteristics (condition, etc), you can select multiple items by highlighting them (hold control or shift key depending on contiguous or not) to add all at once.  It may be easier to add a range then delete what you do not have.



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