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2022 deluxe coinmanage upgrade


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Bought super bundle on usb. Loaded 2021 coinmange. I do not want anything going to one drive so I loaded it on C drive. When I opened it shows my other years of updated but does not update to new values. Still shows old values and I can't find my Canada or other non US coins that I had before. Was sent the 2022 USA Upgrade link (exe) as well as the new activation and code. It still the same as before with old US and no foreign. Can't seem to get any answers from Liberty Street. What am I doing wrong? 

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Guest Lhingle

I've had the same problem with values not being updated.  I contacted support and after more than a week, have not contacted me with a solution or acknowledgement of a problem.  Poor support?

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Hi Harry I looked at the screenshots you sent.

the program will not import the new data because the IMPORT folder shown in the error message is set to read-only.  Can you try setting it to read / write.

It is possible your antivirus has set the folder to read only.  In this case you would need to change the anti-virus settings so this does not happen 

Paul Douglas Dembowski

Liberty Street Software

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Still having problems with all. I think it has to do with wanting everything on my c drive.  Exactly what is the procedures to install my super bundle on my computer C drive and nothing on one drive or cloud.

Thank you 

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