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The path to an attached file is deleted if I update/modify the target file

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When I add an attachment, I see it adds the full path to the file. Makes sense. But if I should edit the file, the attachment file path gets deleted from the item record. Why?? Is that intentional or a bug?


That's very user unfriendly. Here's why: It's quite unmanageable trying to track 100's of different receipts, one per file. Instead I aggregate them. e.g I keep an Amazon.pdf, BestBuy.pdf, Furniture.pdf etc. Much easier to organize and find things that way using a drastically reduced number of receipt files. Why should modifying a target file (I happen to use pdf) cause the path to get removed from the item record??? 

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Hi, so you have an item with an attachment.  Whenever you edit the asset the file path for this attachment gets deleted?  Without even clicking on the attachments tab during the edit? Or are you editing the attachments as well?

We will try to reproduce this.

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