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Can't delete a Disposed Asset (edit: Found a workaround)

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Follow up from the prior thread

  1. You were right. I was using the Date Sold and Sold To fields for something else. So, the item was appearing as a Disposed Asset
  2. I tried clearing the fields but the item remained listed in Disposed Asset.
  3. I figured I'll just delete it. But I can't. Each time I delete it, it reappears after restarting the program. I included a video.

If truly a bug, I'd call it low priority as it doesn't affect main functionality. But, separate issue, it would be helpful if a user defined date field worked correctly (described in Jan 8 post). Thanks for your attention and the help!


Download Link:      https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OXbsx5IWJQ3D1X0c6aG_ivkg8oMePk2o/view?usp=sharing


/* EDIT */

I found if I delete a Disposed Item and then empty the trash before restarting  the program, the Disposed Item stays deleted. It doesn't reappear after restart. But I would think simply deleting from Disposed Item should be sufficient?


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