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Missing images and folders

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Him just wondering why certain folders and associated images are missing from the database. For example folder #46 which is India - Feudatory States - Jasdan the folder does not exist in StampManage 2022 and hence no images associated with the country.

Did some folders get new number? Is that why there is no folder # 46 and hence no images?

Missing folders and hence no images in folders for StampManage 2022.png

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Correct the entire folder is missing but should have stamps from the country India - Feudatory States - Jasdan according to the country list notepad file.

Can somebody confirm that the folder #46 is suppose to exist with pictures from India - Feudatory States - Jasdan in it or is it just not added to SM yet?

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Guest Stanley

i started cataloging again, got part way into yugoslavia, found several stamps missing, this is not the first time. found this in other countries too. i find it so frustrating trying several ways of looking only to find out its not included.

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