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One of the expressions used has an error

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New install of HomeManager 2022. 

Print report "Item Detail - with Images - works all right no errors!

If I then go to Main Recidens Properties and take a screen shot and make a new report "Item Detail - with Images", then I get this error:

"One of the expresssions used has an error.
Most frequent cause: The fieldname of one of the fields used in this report has been changed.
For excampel, if you have changed the fieldname for a Location to 'Office', all instances of Asset.Location in the report must be changed to Asset.Office.
Please edit this report to view the errors and then change the invalid fieldname to the current name

I have changed nothing - just opened the properties window and made a screenshot !

What is wrong with this software?

Why can't I even take a look at the properties and why can't I change the value in Properties from "MainRecidens" to "Syrenvej".

It make no sence to mee that You can't change this name without editing the report. If it is true, then You have to give us instructions of what to change in the reports!

Per Laustsen

Screen Shot 03-02-22 at 12.49 PM 001.PNG

Screen Shot 03-02-22 at 12.49 PM.PNG

Screen Shot 03-02-22 at 12.50 PM.PNG

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