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StampManage 2022 Images not displaying and cannot

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Yesterday, I was adding stamps and importing images. After importing 3 images, StampManage stopped importing images or accepting pasted images.

Today, I noticed that none of my images are displaying, except for the three I added yesterday. Help. I have over 10,000 stamps scanned and entered. 

I have rebooted the computer; deleted the header.WCD file; and opened the StampDATA file in MS Access. Read these things in the FAQ webpage.




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If you select FILE > GOTO MY IMAGES FOLDER from the main menu. Do you see a folder open up with many jpg image files?

this is the folder StampManage uses to store any images created by the user.

Is it possible  you are low on hard drive space or your anti-virus is settting this folder to read-only.  If a folder is read-only StampManage cannot create files within the folder.


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I think the Drop Box option to save disk space by backup seldom used files kicked in and change the folder properties to read only and uploaded my Stamp Manage images to the cloud, only.  Would have thought Stamp Manage would access those images every time I run the program. Must not have been enough activity for Drop Box.   

Still the Norton blocked Stamp Manage from access to the files at the same time.  What a mess. Took 4 hours to work through it. 

Good for other users to know, if theyare using Drop Box. 

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