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Problem with restoring old collection onto my Coin Manage 2019

Guest rodlewis12@aol.com

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Guest rodlewis12@aol.com

Recently I changed my PC and added a new hard drive. Coin Manage 2019 is in my hard drive 😄 C as are my backup folders but when I go to open the backup using Zip none of the old files show up. I've been able to open the backups before so not sure why I can't now using your restore command I have several coin manage backups under pull down File tab. Here are the backup files I now have in the same hard drive: Backup_3_12_2018_Proof Solos.zipBackup_3_3_2018_Lewis Collection.zipBackup_2_28_2018_WantList.zipBackup_2_28_2018_MyCollection.zipBackup_2_28_2018_11_55_53 BrownBKs AM.zipBackup_2_28_2018_11_55_14 Bulk AM.zipBackup_2_28_2018_11_53_54 Bluebk AM.zipBackup_2_28_2018_11_53_03 AM.zipPlease advise what I'm doing wrong so I can retrieve the old file information. 

Thanks, Rod Lewis

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