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Guest whambulance

maybe because of your dimeanor..  seems like alot of complaining over little things.  

if you dont like software, dont use it...  but many people including myself like this software (just like life, nothing is ever perfect)

is your name really "Karen"??

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I didn't say that I didn't like the software.

But it sounds like you must not have much knowledge of stamps or databases.

If you look there are many complains about the incorrect data or duplication of data in several fields.

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This is a problem with this software.  What I do is get the database the way I want it, then when an update is available, I backup the stampdata .mdb, install the update, the restore my stampdata.mdb file.  this solves the problem of inconsistant data

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Yes, I agree, but there are updates that are required.

That is why I had requested that updates have 3 options, so users may choose what they want.

1. Update info for each stamp

2. New additions

3. Updated Prices

From those 3 options, I would only choose 2 & 3


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