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The StampManage database is 195044kb and even when zipped is 10MB. How can I get it to be less than 500kb? or how can I get this to you. Please contact me to resolve. Thank you.

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I followed up with repeating the information on April 5 but did not send it through the forum but directly to techsupport@libertystreet.com.
I originally sent you an email on 10 February, 2022 in StampManage Support letting you know that when I attempted to open StampManage 2022 I got the following messages
Too few parameters. Expected 1.
Too few parameters. Expected 2.
Yellow triangle with an Exclamation point inside and a number 3061 below
Yellow triangle with an Exclamation point inside and a number 3062 below
These appear consecutively as I clicked on the originally appearing item.
My name is Bruce Regenthal, I have been a subscriber since pre 2010 and my email is triaqua@comcast.net. You responded on 10 Feb  and asked whether I had upgraded from a very old version-which I did not having upgraded each year to StampManage and CoinManage since about 2009 and I just figured out how to do an internet backup-if WINZIP file compression counts as that to get it under the file size limitation for sending files. If this does not work for you, can you suggest any other options, like maybe sending you a flash drive with the file on it not compressed or any other choices. I have over 7000 stamp and coin items on these 2 programs and use Access to make file additions so that I do not overwrite changes I have added like designer names, manufacturing quantities, added images, and spaces between the beginning of the stamp designations (i.e. "C" (Airmail stamps, etc to make sure 1-9 come before 10-99, and they sort numerically before 100+, etc . The same issue presents itself when entering the "SP" designation for the souvenir pages of which there are over 1000 )  in order for the fields to sort correctly alpha-numerically. I also note that you sometimes have duplications where customers have sent you "corrections" by doing what I just told you I was doing and your designations remain like Hunting stamps from states that read  AK5,AK6,AK7,AK8,AK9,AK10,AK11,.... and AK 5,AK 6, AK 7, AK 8, AK 9, AK10, AK11...--which are actually duplicates, but don't appear so when the columns are sorted, by clicking at the top of the field or using the manual sort feature for ascending or descending order. I have also taken all the normally "Quantity produced" fields and tried to look up quantities produced and fill them in where they are missing and then align them up so that the right most number aligns down a column and add appropriate commas for separation and convert all appropriate millions, billions, to all be just numerical numbers so they can be sorted appropriately.  For now-once you get the file and this note could you just acknowledge receipt-so I know it got there successfully and later let me know if you can do anything co correct the file to open up appropriately or if there is something I can do manually to correct the problem without your intervention. 
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