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Columns disappearing

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It may be possible that the folder where CoinManage is storing the column settings file is set to read only.  This folder is usually MY DOCUMENTS/COINMANAGE.

Can you verify that this folder is read / write?  If set to read only.. is common that the user's anti-virus is locking down this folder.  You can also try runing the program by:

right click on the program icon and selected RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR

from the popup menu. 

If none of the above applies, can you make sure you are configuring columns correctly, below is a new video we have done on the subject.



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10 minutes ago, MattGinAZ1 said:

my experience has a switch that turns on too indicate a change has been made. is that checked?

the folder that contains the HEADERS.WCD file, is that set to read only? 

if you can't find a HEADERS.WCD file it may be because CoinManage does not have permissions to write to the MY DOCUMENTS / COINMANAGE folder.

if you run the program by right mouse click and select


from the popup menu does the problem still happen?

we have noticed quite a few problems in the last year or 2 resulting from the user's antivirus locking down a folder.  If CoinManage can't write the columns file to a locked down folder you will see problems like this.

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