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  1. bluehills

    Why does Home Inventory not find its database file?

    Somehow I was able to find the file on my "F" drive. It was not in the f:/homeinv/DATA folder (within HomeInv) but under the the root HomeInv!
  2. Hello, Just recently Home Inventory "decided" not to find its database. I have run several searches and found several mdb files. Home Inventory displays a message that it is looking for a mdb file somewhere but the warning screen disappears before I can write its name. So: 1) what is the actual name of the file? I cannot start Home Inventory and create another inventory file. 2) why does the warning message only appear for a few seconds and disappears? Thanks, bill
  3. bluehills

    Home Inventory uses MS Access

    Hello, This entry is my first to a blog on this site (and to be honest probably the first I have started anywhere). I would like to know how a user can modify the MS Access database behind Home Manage as well as the various pages and formats for reports. MS Outlook offers the ability to design templates to input data. Why doesn't Home Manage?