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Error when trying to show assets with a Color or Year that has a single quote mark in it


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If you have a Year with a single quote mark in it, like "1800's", then when you select that Year on the View tab you get an error like

Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression '[Assets].[YearMade] = '1800's' AND [Assets].[LocationID] <> 3 AND ...

Similarly, you get an error if a Color has a single quote.

I did not test all of the views, but you don't get this error if a Manufacturer has a single quote in the name. I suspect that this error will occur for all of the views which don't use a database record to store the property, such as Warranty Expiration, Expiring Leases, Color, Year, and Made Of.

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thanks for the report, the problem is that the ' character is a reserved character in a Microsoft data file, we are looking at all your reports for the the new update to HomeManage we will release in about a week.

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I believe that you will need to search and replace any single quotes with two single quotes when you make the query, like this:


'[Assets].[YearMade] = '1800's' AND [Assets].[LocationID] <> 3 AND ...


'[Assets].[YearMade] = '1800''s' AND [Assets].[LocationID] <> 3 AND ...

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