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How to remove data from drop-down lists

Guest LIV Admin

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Guest LIV Admin

Can you please tell me how to remove/delete data from AssetManage?  If I have data in fields like Manufacturer, Dealer, Condition, Status, etc. that is not relevant anymore, how can I remove this from the drop-down lists for these data entry fields?  I have tried going to the View tab on the main menu, but some of these categories are not listed there.  And if they are there, I can see a list of all the data associated with a particular field, but if the data is not associated with any record, I am not able to delete the data (for example, if I go to View, Dealer, then click on one of the items in this list, and it does not show any asset record(s) associated with this Dealer, the Delete button in the tool bar at the top of the screen does not become active.  But if there is a record associated with this dealer, the Delete button is active, but I would not want to delete the Dealer since it is listed in an active asset record).

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