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CSV import does not show full list of HM2017 destination fields

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I am converting my home inventory system to HomeManage 2017.  I was using Radium Technologies' Home Inventory Pro 2011 (HIP2011) but that company has apparently shut its doors and stopped supporting and developing its product a few years ago. (Side Note: Liberty Street should let "TopTenReviews" know that Radium Technologies hasn't been supporting their home inventory product for a few years.  It should be removed as a Top 10 product - and HomeManage should have the #1 rating.  Just my two cents.)

I have created an CSV export of my HIP2011 data and want to import it into HM2017.  However, when I try to map the destination fields, only a small subset of the HM2017 fields appear in the list.  I know they are available because the training video shows a full list.

See the attached PDF with more details on the field mappings and a screenshot of the HM2017 import screen.

Any ideas why I don't see the full list of destination fields?


Sailor Guy 


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Hi, this had been fixed in the update from 2 days ago.

If you did not get the email announcing the update, please select:


from the main menu.

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