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  1. I have just started using AssetManage and have the following issue on some asset items, not all. - I entered the data from a .csv file from excel with the original date purchased and placed in service date - All assets are depreciated Straight line, .00 salvage value, recovery years = 10 - 1st year depreciation prorated by actual days in service - Fiscal year starts July 1 - Outside accountant uses a program that calculates prorated days depreciate a little differently than AssetManage , so I need to edit the 1st year depreciation I have an item purchased 12/21/2006 and placed in service on the same date. The default 1st year prorated amount shows correctly for accumulated depreciation for 6/30/2007. When I edit the dollars to match the accountant's program for the 1st year prorate amount and use the 06/30/2007 date, it moves the prorate amount up to 6/30/2008. I have to use 6/30/2006 on the bottom of the depreciation input to have the amount show correctly. Only happening on a few items. Any Ideas? Thanks, Ian
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