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Update Type Feature Request


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I wonder if others experience the same type of peeve that I do with the software.

I must admit, the most annoying one for me relates to the way Types are assigned to coins, and how this relationship is managed.

Using canadian 25¢ coins as an example, for which post-2000 coins are a real mess to deal with since there are some many of them, and they come in so many forms (Gift cards, First Day Issue cards, Circulation, Collector sets, Special uncirculated in pliofilm wrap, etc.), I have created a new Type for "Collector Coins" to which I would like to assign, for example, all oversized 35mm quarters.

In order to do so, I have to:

A) Create the new entry with all the coin's related info

B) Copy the image from the existing entry, if exists

C) Paste the image on the new entry

D) Write down all the coin values from the previous entry on a piece of paper

E-1) If the software lets me (sometimes, it won't let me), re-enter the values under the new coin entry

E-2) If it doesn't, keep the paper for later, for when the bug won't occur

F) Delete the obfuscated entry

I've tried going directly in the Access database, but there too, it's a real hard to not make errors while updating manually the TypeID in all the needed tables.

So how about an "Update Type" feature that would allow an easy change of this coin's caracteristics?

It would possibly be easier to maintain data also if the "Type ID" field were not carried over as an unconstrained foreign key in the CM2001MAINCOLLECTION, DembowskiDefaultValues, CMVal*, and ValueTemplate tables...

My 2¢ worth...

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