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Update Wants-Problems with backing to access-values


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I am using Coin manage June 2013. I had asked months ago about adding the coin Manage # as one of the choices one could put in the "columns". I use this number to distinguish the difference between identical coins. Also to be able to make true custom columns and then add them where and as needed would be great.

Also many of the prfdcam69-70 conditions are not there. Some of the values appear to be way off the true value.

And how about an android app? Would love that.

Would love if you could add ebay purchases/info/photos to inventory in a category of "Ebay pending" and then finalize the coin in inventory by just pressing a button. (yeah, I'm dreaming, I know) But this kind of thing would make inventorying so much easier.

Another thing, when I try and download to microsoft access it looks completely wacko. Is it possible to make it so we can download our inventory to a CSV file?

All in all I LOVE THIS PROGRAM! I look forward to the 2014 update.

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