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Evaluating HM2011 - sample database and questions


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I am currently using another home inventory package that I'm dissatisfied with due to lack of support and new version development. In over 3 years, the other company hasn't released an update or responded to repeated user requests for enhancements and bug fixes). So I'm looking for a replacement package and HM2011 is my leading contender.

I have several questions…

1. How responsive is Liberty Software to enhancement requests, bug fixes, and periodic updates for HomeManage 2011?

2. I'd like to evaluate HM2011 but don't want to have to enter a bunch of asset test data. Do you have a sample database I can experiment with that has a number of asset items pre-populated by room, location, etc.?

3. One feature I am looking for is the ability to track an asset to a sub-location in a room. For example: I have books that are stored in the basement on a multi-shelf bookshelf in a box on one of the shelves.

What I would like to be able to do is have the following room / location hierarchy:

Basement -> Bookshelf_01 -> Shelf_02 -> Box_101 -> Asset_Info

Is there a way to accomplish this level of asset location tracking? And I’d like to be able to generate a report sorted by location with this level of sorting so I can easily check inventory by room, bookshelf, sub-shelf, and box.

4. Can you create sub-categories under a category? For example: A category of “Electronics” could have sub-categories of “television,” “camera,” “smartphone,” “DVD player,” “audio gear, ” etc. A category of “Computer” could have sub-categories for different computers (like “office desktop,” “Wife’s laptop,” “Son’s laptop,” etc.)

5. I would welcome any user feedback who would like to share their experiences with HM2011.


Sailor Guy

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