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2014 Value Error?????

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I have the 2014 Version, and recent update, however I cant help but notice that almost every stamp is worth 25 cents no matter what the grade is. For instance; Scott 1419 is $.25 for NH-VF and Used-VG. ( and every grade)

I know this cant be the case. When I switch to 2012 values; NH-VF = $.21 and Used-VG = $.13

I input approximately 50+ stamps in the early years of the 70's; it was a rare occasion that any value was different than $.25.

Will this be corrected soon?

I checked a few others, like 885 & 886. It appears there is a blanket use of $.25. I haven't found a value less than that yet, and I know there are some.



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Lets take the stamps from the early 1970's. At face value they are 6c, 8c, &10c and so-on. However, for the catalog values, for every grade of each stamp, it is valued at $.25. Typically there is some difference between Mint VF and Used VG. How can they all be the same? They weren't in the 2012 release.

For instance, here is 2012 of US 1409


And here is the same with 2014 Values.


Notice the different values for the grades? Did Scott really print a catalog showing all the same values for almost every stamp? Mint or Used???


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Scott/dealers/etc use the $.25 as the cost to a dealer for selling the stamp, not necessarily the market value of the stamp. So, basically the value to you is face, unless the stamp has a uniqueness that would command a premium value. Missing color, tagged or not tagged, etc.

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