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I am trying run some reports based on the Coin Manage Inventory Numbers.

The only report I can find that uses these numbers is the

Output Reports Using / Coins - DetailedWithBarcode.lst

This is a brilliant report as it include photos of the coin and relevant information. Is there anyone who has used the barcodes by scanning them?

Is there a way to scan the barcodes and bring up information about the coin?

I noticed a lot of the reports that are available have quantity fields in them. It would be great for people like myself who only have 1 coin per entry to have reports made replacing the quantity field with the CM number field.

It would be nice too to have a collection checklist by item number report.

I would really love to see a report that list all of the entries in a specific collection with fields added for the actual gold weight (agw) or actual silver weight (asw) and which shows the total agw and asw for each collection. That way it could be determined what portion of the value of the collection is bullion value and which portion is numismatic value.

Perhaps it would be easy to copy and modify one of the existing reports like the

Output Reports Using / Coins - Standard - 2.lst and take away the comments field and add the agw, asw and inventory number fields instead.

If anyone can help with any of these things it would be greatly appreciated.



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