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Entering Error Coins


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Let me start off by saying, the guy with the glasses on top of your LIBERTY STREET Software page.....is me! So now you know where I'm starting from.

Sorry for the question upfront. I'm sure it's already out there somewhere, I just can't find it. I recently purchased CoinManage 2015. I have all my US coins entered into the system. On the left side of the page under "Collection" lists all the types of coins in my inventory. I want to add "ERROR" coins I have to my inventory. Does the database support error coins (types & descriptions) or do I have to create a new folder? What's the best way to do this. Thanks very much!


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Glad to put a face to a picture, always wondered who that was.

Error coins, I can only speak as to how I enter them. Enter the coin in their respective Country/Denomination/Type (US/Nickels/Jefferson). On the second tab labeled "Additional Info", about 1/2 way down on the form see boxes labeled "Defects" and next to it "Errors". Just type in the defect/error type in these boxes - be generic because (DDO/RPM-001, etc...) these values are remembered for use on other coins. Any specific descriptions, I put in the

comments box on the same tab.


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