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Help entering RCM Silver Bar


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I am new to the software and tried entering a 10 oz RCM silver bar.  So I followed the instructions and went to OTHER --> BULLION --> SILVER BARS.  I didn't see the 10 Oz variety so I added it to the list :  10 Oz. Silver Bar and entered TYPE for the Year.  After doing this the value doesn't show correctly under B.V. text box like it does when I click 1 oz or 100 oz.   So my question is :

1) Why doesnt the value show up for my 10 Oz entry?  I would assume that if 1 oz shows $20 then 10 Oz should show $200.  But what shows is $20.02.  So how do I get the software to recognize that I entered a 10 Oz bar instead of a 1 Oz Bar?





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Hi Steve,

The trick is once you are in "Tools / Coin manage database editor" and editing on that entry, for example you are typing in 10 oz silver bar, you tab over until you get to the silver content field.  It is further to the right.  There you enter the exact weight in ozt.  So you put 10 there for your bar.    

Then you go to "Tools / bullion value" and either click on "Get latest spot prices" or enter your own values.  

Once you do both of those things your values should display properly.    

If it was me I wouldn't put "type" under the year field.  I would put some useful info there that you want displayed.  




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