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Guest Roddy

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Guest Roddy

When I view/print my collection as Group by type the denominations do not appear in the correct order and the type shows as newest monarch first.

Also when I view/print my collection by Country Denomination the same thing happens

Is there a way to alter these sorting methods to produce the coin types in the correct order and the dates showing oldest first

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I have submitted this information to Mr.Dembowski several times and have not yet seen these problems resolved.


Under the heading "Reporting" you have provided several premade reports to select from.  All the reports may be modified using the Edit Report… feature.  That works fine with the exception of Sorting further discussed below.  Under Create Collection Report… a dialog box (similar to Print Preview) appears offering several selections.  Under Grouping and Sorting Options, you have 12 selections under Sort By: and 7 selections under Group By.  Whatever you select in Sort By: or Group By: they default to each other.  You only get one selection. 


Edit Report…allows you a Sorting option dialog box with several choices including the standard Country > Denomination > Type > Year sort.  There is no flexibility for the user to add or modify this area for other combinations.  The dialog box that appears infers that you can select one or more sorting options from the left pane  and arrange them in the right pane to suit your sorting requirements, however it will not work for me.  I save the new or edited report and go back to view it in "Preview" and a dialog box appears with an error message (TO FEW PARAMETERS.  EXPECTED 1).  The only combination that will work is your Standard Sorting, listed in the first sentence of this paragraph.


My 2015,2016 and 2017 CoinManage Deluxe  programs (downloaded from the internet) will only allow me to sort on one column of information (year, type,  denomination, ect.) or a standard, Country > Denomination > Type > Year. Sorting by Type and then by Year has an inherent problem of displaying incorrectly in any report. 


Example: United States 50 cent’s have ten individual entries, to name a few (Flowing Hair 1774-1795; Barber 1892-1915; Walking Liberty 1916-1947; Kennedy1964-to present.  The sorting by TYPE is alphabetical displaying the report in this order….Barber, Flowing Hair, Kennedy and Walking Liberty. 


This is annoying and unsatisfactory to me.  Perhaps you can modify the program to correct this situation.  Delete "Type" in the standard sort order.  If Type is a field in any report, it will naturally appear with the year(s) it is associated with.


However, at the user’s level there is a work-around to solve this problem.  Simply stated, when sorting a field in "MS Access"( the base of this program), it first look’s for Spaces, then Numbers and then Letters.


Go to Tools and open the Coin Database Editor.  Select your Country, Denomination, and Type.  In the area "Type Name:" is where you would enter your “spacebar” character(s).  Adding a space(s) causes the sorting process to look at these names first, arrange them by number of space characters, and then alphabetically, and move them to the beginning of the listing.  The sorting continues arranging the balance of the listing in alphabetical order.  When viewing your collection you will notice under Type this “space” misalignment.  However, all of this effort is lost when applying a program update or reloading the existing program.


To me this would be an appropriate chronological sort.... Country > Denomination >Year >Mint.

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