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Report Questions

Al G.

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I have some questions about reports.  The function is very powerful.

1. It does not appear that all built-in reports such as Want List by values is available to copy and create a modify.  Can all built-in reports be made available to edit in reports folder?

2,  For "My Collection" reports, it looks like the report will include any items with a quantity = 0 (zero).  Is there a condition for quantity so it will only list items with quantity.

3.  The want/sale collections are special.   If I created a new collection, I noticed some reports will pick up all collections except want/sols.  Is there a way to code the group so it is ignored like the want and sold sold collections.  I wanted a collection for Trade/Spares and want to keep it separate.   This way "All Stamps"  can be restricted to certain collections since this report ignores sold/want collections but will pick up all other collections.




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