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StampManage 2019 Issue


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I recently installed and registered SM2019 after a hard drive crash.  I am re-entering my data (did not backup the old file-doh!).  When I click on Add Stamps, the Add Stamps dialog window opens and I can type the Scott number to highlight the stamp I want to enter.  However, if I want to select a stamp that consists of a single number, e.g., 33, 2222, 111, 4444, the stamp highlighted is always the single digit, so in my example, it would be Scott # 3 or 2 or 1 or 4.  What is more perplexing is that if one of the last digit(s) does not match the first digit, the correct stamp is selected.  So 2221, 2223 works as would 2202, but 2222 does not; 110 and 112 work, but not 111.

Anyone else experiencing this?  My only solution is to select a stamp number before or after and scroll to the stamp I am interested in.


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