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Downgrade back to 2011


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How can I go back to Home Manage 2011 version?   You can get all the history of the last two weeks of a bad upgrade on my first post.  In a nutshell, we have used Home Manage for 20 years, upgraded to 2011 and have a massive amount of info on it.   When we used it two weeks ago (Feb 4th 2019) we upgraded to the 2019 version as we thought "newer is better" and have had nothing since then.  

The upgrade link sent to us only downloaded the guide and help - no program.  When we did the download it removed the 2011 version but left the files.  The download was licensed for 2 computers so my husband tried to load it on his as a backup and he got it open but we NEED IT ON THE COMPUTER WITH ALL THE FILES AS WE HAVE NO WAY OF GETTING THAT INFORMATION.   

We decided to forget about about 2019 and go back to what worked, the old 2011.  I restored the computer back a week, got the program back on but it needed the activation code again.   You sent me an activation code which I put in.   The program opens to the input activation code notice, when I click next it says it is valid but opens no further.

What do you suggest I do now?  Purchase a new copy of the program and redo 10+ years of work.   Please don't leave me hanging.  I started this quest to get this fixed 2 weeks ago.   

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