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Stamp Manage not showing collections and other problems

Guest Psattler

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Guest Psattler

This am Stamp manage started to just show one stamp in each collection, nation etc.  Unable to pull up any other stamps, If I go to the add stamp tab again only one stamp is shown but I can go to different stamps suing the stamp number box but again only one stamp. I tried to copy the view on the monitor but couldn't   Also I have been trying to make a backup but usually fails I think I have one backup but it is over 7 gig's.  I tried to back up about 4 times and every backk up is a different size that one is the biggest but I don't trust it.  Are there any files in stamp manage that I can copy and insert in  stamp manage if I just deleted my present program and started over.

Finally this am I got a new short upgrade but that isn't working well either.  The above problem was already present when I downloaded the new update.  I hoped that would correct the problem.  However now everytime I start Stamp Manage the update reloads itself taking about 5 min's or more just to start the program.  It did't correct the original problem however.


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