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Values for Canadian Stamps

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I have recently started to expand my collection and had a few questions regarding the Values provided in the Database

  1. The US price/values cover a range of formats (NH-VF, Mint-VF,NH-F....., US #65,) and for some Canadian stamps this holds true (#53) but for others this is not the case (#204, 254, 255, 450). Why the differing amount of values? I would have thought that as a Canadian Company that this would be the most pristinely detailed set :)
  2. Is there a correct way to add values from a Scott's Catalog into the StampManage DB?
  3. Is there a way to safely remove older referenced years? I have been upgraded since 2015 so I have a value picklist that goes from 2020 back to 2015
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I just added a selection of 2014 and 2015 stamps in my Canadian collection.  why are there no values available for these relatively recent years? I am running the 2020 version.  I had added the 2019 stamps early in the year and i can understand why there were no values available for them but strange they are not available for 2018 and previous.


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