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Received the new 2021 USB Drive today and I am not having any luck getting it to download

Guest Ed McLaughlin

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Guest Ed McLaughlin

I received the new 2021 upgrade USB Disk today. I was unsuccessful in getting either of the 2 files to download. I was never asked for the activation code and the computer just showed a continuous small blue circle which ran for more that an hour before I stopped it. After I rebooted the computer, I found that the previous 2019 software with all my records had been deleted from my desktop.

I am not able to find a new down load of the 2020 software any where on my computer. Worst than that; my existing stamp collection seems to have been deleted from the computer. I really would like some help with the download from the new usb drive, and I would like any suggestions as to where to look for my existing stamp collection. If my existing program files have been wiped, I suspect you have some sort of insurance to cover my loss. Quite a few years have gone into putting my albums together, and many more years will have to be wasted re-populating them. 

Hoping to hear from you with an easy fix for my problem.

ED McLaughlin


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Guest Gangadhar

Hi ED, for me too similar issue. I couldn't download from the link provided after purchase. I hope the concerned team would resolve the issue ASAP for 2021 version but this is first time though I will be installing in my PC.

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