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Columns Displayed reset making many functions unusable.


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I am a user of StampManage since 2014 running the current version up to 2019 (which I am now running).  Recently, my video card blew out on my PC and I have since replaced it and gotten my PC up and running again.  Since that replacement, all of the columns displayed changed to 'Image" only.  I have been able to change the columns displayed on my multiple collections, however, I cannot figure out how to change the displayed columns in the 'Add Stamp(s)' wizard. (see the attached image).  This view also appears to be applied to the "Stamp Manage Catalog" (image supplied) and the "View By" panes.  Is there a way to reset all of these views to the standard columns?  Although I have my database and Images backed up, I am leery to do a complete re-install as my collections represent years of entry and my my collections total nearly 100,000 items at this point.  Please help.



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SELF RESOLVED:   While browsing through the Stampmange Directory trying to determine files that were accessed when the 'Add Stamp' button was pressed, I saw the Headers.WCD file and recalled that support had me delete that file in the past with a very different display problem that I was having.   Once again, I deleted that file and relaunched the program and all is now fine. 

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