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Add Field to Showing Collection Screen

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I want to add a Format column on the Collection screen, but I can't find it in the selectable fields which can be dragged over to establish a column for it.

"Format" is what is used to show things like "coil pair" or "booklet pane" in the Properties options, in addition to "single stamp", and I do have it populated.  But by it not being on the screen (only accessible by double clicking on the row), I can't sort on that column, to get things like all the coil pairs together to work on them.  It looks like all the other Properties fields are available, but not Format.

Am I overlooking it?  Maybe the name has changed on the Properties screen but it's still under an old field name in the column configurations screen.  

By the way, the column which can be added for "Condition" looks like it is a compilation of three fields 'Grade', 'Gum', and 'Hinging'', each of which can also be established as individual columns.

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