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Adding/Updating Stamp Values

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I recently purchased a Scotts 2023 Standard Stamp Catalog and compared some of the prices in Stamp Manage. I am going through and updating values for stamps I have to correctly reflect what i am seeing in this catalog.  My question is this. Is there anything that is added or removed from the price listed in the catalog when just adding the Mint-VF and the Used-VF Prices? I can proceed with just the values listed in the catalog?

Asking since I see some discrepancies and wasn't sure if there was a special formula or percentage added/removed from the Catalog prices

In the example below for the 1975 Romanian Stamp (2553) with a catalog value of .4 and .25, I believe they are just added directly yes?

Pretty sure that is all that's to it, and can't hurt to confirm.




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